Blocky 2 has been played 2161269 times.

2019-02-07 (5) quobref from Россия says "Home page"


2013-09-06 (4) Audrey from Canada says "I like this game a lot. I play it almost every day !"

2013-05-28 (5) charley from U.S.A. says "I LOVE this game, I play all the blocky games almost every day to pass time at work.. addicting game!"

2012-12-28 (5) problem from usa says "I can't get past level 12. can someone give me some advice on how the get that one single block?"

2012-07-23 (4) Funny girl from Canada says "It's very easy to become an addict of this game. I like it a lot !"

2012-07-05 (5) Zebra from USA says "What the bug are you speaking about? Great game! And Blocky Towers for iPhone is must have!"

2011-07-09 (5) John from Japan says "The single block in level 12 is a bug, try playing hte game on an other side."

2011-06-14 (5) Zuul from south africa says "Im stuck on level 12, how do you get past that one single block?"

2011-05-28 (4) Ferdinand from Canada says "One of the best game I like to play !"

2011-02-12 (4) Skipweasel from The Wet Mudlands in the UK says "What is a greeeeen baaay, and how is it to be gooooed? Nice game, by the way."

2011-02-06 (4) petey from packerland says "goooo greeeeen baaay"

2010-11-28 (5) stella from Russia says "previously known as Stella from Austria, been playing for ever now and still loving it."

2010-11-06 (5) jordy from frankfort says "This game is really fun I am going to play this game every day. Jordan hanna kylee wanda wendi darrel donna keeghan garek chelsi macky jane max."

2010-10-08 (5) Kaylums from UK says "Heeey Corky <3"

2010-09-07 (4) Carrie from Orkney says "Amazin game!!!! lol"

2010-07-21 (4) maangi from Canada says "Some addicting and compulsive game !"

2010-06-27 (4) brandon from negroland says "cool"

2010-06-22 (5) hoernchen from germany says "lovin it"

2010-06-12 (5) Queeg Queeg from USA says "iz fun!"

2010-05-29 (5) pedellen from DANMARK says "Cool!"

2010-05-24 (5) bailey! from United States says "i love this game(:"

2010-05-19 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2010-05-08 (5) corky >3 from orkney says "i love this game (L)"

2010-05-05 (5) Danielle <3 from your closet says "yeahh buddie"

2010-05-05 (5) Danielle <3 from your closet says "yeahh buddie"

2010-04-23 (4) peeham from orkney says "buey am from orkney"

2010-04-16 (1) silla gurl from usa says " 2 year old baby could play this...."

2010-03-21 (5) Other Canadian from Canada says "Hi Joradn!"

2010-03-05 (2) baby from usa says "wierd"

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