2019-02-07 (5) quobref from Россия says "Home page"


2013-09-06 (4) Audrey from Canada says "I like this game a lot. I play it almost every day !"

2013-05-28 (5) charley from U.S.A. says "I LOVE this game, I play all the blocky games almost every day to pass time at work.. addicting game!"

2012-12-28 (5) problem from usa says "I can't get past level 12. can someone give me some advice on how the get that one single block?"

2012-07-23 (4) Funny girl from Canada says "It's very easy to become an addict of this game. I like it a lot !"

2012-07-05 (5) Zebra from USA says "What the bug are you speaking about? Great game! And Blocky Towers for iPhone is must have!"

2011-07-09 (5) John from Japan says "The single block in level 12 is a bug, try playing hte game on an other side."

2011-06-14 (5) Zuul from south africa says "Im stuck on level 12, how do you get past that one single block?"

2011-05-28 (4) Ferdinand from Canada says "One of the best game I like to play !"

2011-02-12 (4) Skipweasel from The Wet Mudlands in the UK says "What is a greeeeen baaay, and how is it to be gooooed? Nice game, by the way."

2011-02-06 (4) petey from packerland says "goooo greeeeen baaay"

2010-11-28 (5) stella from Russia says "previously known as Stella from Austria, been playing for ever now and still loving it."

2010-11-06 (5) jordy from frankfort says "This game is really fun I am going to play this game every day. Jordan hanna kylee wanda wendi darrel donna keeghan garek chelsi macky jane max."

2010-10-08 (5) Kaylums from UK says "Heeey Corky <3"

2010-09-07 (4) Carrie from Orkney says "Amazin game!!!! lol"

2010-07-21 (4) maangi from Canada says "Some addicting and compulsive game !"

2010-06-27 (4) brandon from negroland says "cool"

2010-06-22 (5) hoernchen from germany says "lovin it"

2010-06-12 (5) Queeg Queeg from USA says "iz fun!"

2010-05-29 (5) pedellen from DANMARK says "Cool!"

2010-05-24 (5) bailey! from United States says "i love this game(:"

2010-05-19 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2010-05-08 (5) corky >3 from orkney says "i love this game (L)"

2010-05-05 (5) Danielle <3 from your closet says "yeahh buddie"

2010-05-05 (5) Danielle <3 from your closet says "yeahh buddie"

2010-04-23 (4) peeham from orkney says "buey am from orkney"

2010-04-16 (1) silla gurl from usa says "uhh...my 2 year old baby could play this...."

2010-03-21 (5) Other Canadian from Canada says "Hi Joradn!"

2010-03-05 (2) baby from usa says "wierd"

2010-03-02 (5) gkh from ORKNEY says "Cool!"

2010-03-02 (5) yeahh from U.S. says "hello?"

2010-02-01 (5) jordan from usa says "hay u guys"

2010-01-28 (5) stella from Austria says "Just beat my score of "RANK 3106" with a "RANK of 1706" see.... top three here I come."

2009-11-10 (2) becca cee mayte!x from LoveesHim..x says "well borinn liike mayte..=/"

2009-11-07 (3) stella from austria says "I went all the way to the end and won, but only got a rating of 3106??? How does everyone get so much higher scores?"

2009-11-07 (5) Anonymous from uk says "veron got there in the end"

2009-10-19 (5) qwer from uk says "luv the game."

2009-10-09 (5) mk from Poland says "hej"

2009-09-18 (5) Audrey from Canada says "Nice game ! Good time to spend here !"

2009-06-17 (5) Ray1945 from USA says "Cool!"

2009-06-16 (5) jake from usa says "yay this game isnt blocked by our school"

2009-06-08 (5) kathy from canada says "that was fun"

2009-06-08 (5) kathy from canada says "that was fun"

2009-05-31 (4) buckie from usa says "love the game.... was just killing time this am."

2009-05-29 (5) bvbb from fffff says "esta genial la pagina"

2009-05-28 (4) Treenah from ORKNEY scotland =] says "heyy this game is totally awsome ;)"

2009-05-19 (5) me! from duz it matter? says "a lyk it :P"

2009-05-06 (5) maangi from Canada says "Funny and addicting game !"

2009-05-06 (2) lil.t96 from united states says "this games is not dat fun"

2009-04-22 (5) Girlygirl from spain says "this game is like uber fun:)"

2009-04-08 (5) jman from united states says "it is really fun and addicting im on level 43"

2009-03-09 (5) bobby joe from usa IN says "this game is ok but not my favorite cuz i like keep losing lol :D"

2009-03-06 (3) shattered dreams from United States says "your retarded :D"

2009-03-06 (5) C-DUB from USA says "Sometimes this game is hard, but it is good."

2009-03-03 (5) uklady from uk says "Cool!"

2009-02-23 (4) Canadian from Canada says "I'm on level 44"

2009-02-18 (3) weird from asia says "to kiddo I passed level 21!!"

2009-02-16 (5) Et from Kuwait says "Tool"

2009-02-12 (5) puupaaa from slovenia says "že 3× pršla do koncaa!!!louam to igrooo!"

2009-02-12 (5) puupaaa from slovenia says "čist naibol cool igra na svetuu!!!"

2009-02-10 (5) aria from deutchland says "ja bravo too u too! :P"

2009-02-06 (4) kad from slovenia says "ja bravo... :)"

2009-01-30 (5) Your mom from your mom says "Yall are boringgggggg:P"

2009-01-30 (3) Your mom from your mom says "Heyyy(:"

2009-01-16 (5) Cayo:-O from Mexico says "Hello :-) HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO HELLO"

2009-01-15 (5) Andy from Snakes says "Sirrah! You become more popular here than our games! Probably I should ban you forever! Kidding.. LOL Basically we are in preparation of new game which should require at least two days from you to beat it... ;)"

2009-01-15 (5) sirrah from usa says "this was my first snakes game that ifell in love with and i beat it like a month ago but it was hard but also very very fin!!!!=)"

2009-01-15 (5) sirrah from usa says "this was my first snakes game that ifell in love with and i beat it like a month ago but it was hard but also very very fin!!!!=)"

2009-01-13 (5) linn from Somewhere says "very coll"

2009-01-09 (5) jj from uk says "it cool if you are me"

2009-01-08 (5) puppy8 from canada says "Cool!"

2009-01-06 (1) Sebby from USA says "bored"

2009-01-06 (4) Sebby from USA says "pretty good"

2009-01-05 (5) ini from germany says "really nice game but not in one sitting"

2008-12-31 (3) caveman from usa says "Fun game, up to level 36, but not in one sitting."

2008-12-30 (2) gun crew from uk says "it passes the time but it gets slightly boring after a while =|"

2008-12-29 (5) Em from Canada says "Level 41 mofo!"

2008-12-26 (5) Geo from Scoobyland says "let's try this"

2008-12-11 (5) bulubu from turkey says "i did it:-)"

2008-12-11 (5) ELVIS from UK says "Im on level 34. Im a such a sado"

2008-12-09 (2) hi from usa says "this is a fun but annoying game it is hard to even get past level 4 haha"

2008-12-08 (3) kiddo from gaytown says "anyone get past level 21?"

2008-11-29 (4) darma2 from uk says "darma2 from uk like this game a lot"

2008-11-11 (1) FIN TY=] from SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! says "this game makes no sense,wtf?"

2008-11-06 (2) hailee from america says "i hate all these games!"

2008-11-05 (3) roseleen from India says "!!!!!!!!!!interesting!!!!!!!!!!! Love this game"

2008-11-04 (5) Buff from uk says "wicked game"

2008-11-04 (5) Andy from Snakes says "Guys and ladies!.. ;) Comments for the games please. I'll setup a chat for you a little bit later... ;-)"

2008-10-30 (4) lynch from usa says "gangsta"

2008-10-30 (4) mobba from u.k says "Pretty hard but great fun!"

2008-10-24 (1) katt from UK says "BORING"

2008-10-23 (5) Rob from Italy says "Is the best!"

2008-10-06 (5) Nicki from Us says "I love this game and the frirst one too. They are great. They are the best game ever."

2008-10-04 (5) boys from uk says "Cool!"

2008-09-26 (5) bong from usa says "Cool!"

2008-09-21 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-09-18 (5) MilaMALUKA from Brasil says "Cool!"

2008-09-15 (4) azlin from malaysia says "wee hoooo...its too hard but 1 love it."

2008-09-05 (4) lai from Argentina says "Great!"

2008-08-20 (3) megz from australia says "its allright"

2008-07-23 (5) Varsity Mud from USA says "James, you say it like it's a bad thing!"

2008-07-22 (5) James from England says "You play this game too much!!"

2008-07-21 (2) kayra from japan says "olaaaaaaaaaaaa"

2008-07-16 (4) babe from CANADA says "This game is great................"

2008-07-15 (3) em from UK says "It's alright"

2008-07-15 (5) BarB from Nunavut says "ALL i gatt to say i is that it's AWESOME man!1"

2008-07-04 (5) Babe from Canada says "This game is the coolest. Im watching all these Teenagers all day somethimes it gets Quiet, and i get very bored........................... So i go on the awesome game......"

2008-07-01 (5) WFA from USA says "Addicting, can't seem to stop myself!"

2008-06-26 (5) Dorinda from USA says "I love this game. I'm really bad at it, but I love it."

2008-06-08 (3) Bink from USA says "Strangely addicting.....The giggles kinda annoy me, but there's always the volume control!"

2008-06-07 (5) Punx from USA says "Funny how such a simple easy game can be so much fun and addicting!!"

2008-06-06 (5) han from kuwait says "for some reason it freezes, i was able to play 5 minsa ago though!!!"

2008-05-30 (5) Sexcbrowneyes41 from mac town says "i sux lol"

2008-05-30 (5) Lauremn from Tx. says "This game is so addicting. It is one of the best puzzle games ever."

2008-05-27 (1) XgeorgeX from ???????? says "borrrrrrrrrrrrring!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2008-05-24 (1) horrible from usa says "i hate this game! its so dum."

2008-05-20 (4) Chelsea :] from USA says "its good."

2008-05-19 (5) Joe from USA says "Cool!"

2008-05-15 (5) Jimi from USA says "Cool!"

2008-05-09 (3) Jackie from USA says "Pretty fun once you get the hang of it. :)"

2008-05-08 (5) cole from somewhere says "it is the best!!"

2008-05-08 (5) chucklesbaby from somewhere says "it is awsome"

2008-05-08 (4) chuckluv from somewhere sunny says "I think is a great game"

2008-05-08 (3) blakergirl101 from somewhere says "I think it is not the best game but it is addiciting when u r bord and just want to do something!!"

2008-05-05 (5) ForeverUndead from USA says "I love it. I've beaten it like, 17 times over and I'm still playing. It makes me happy :)"

2008-04-26 (4) NITRO from UK says "i think dis game is a bit too hard but i like it"

2008-04-26 (4) Anonymous from Brasil says "Great!"

2008-04-25 (5) cuz from usa says "this totally rocks my socks"

2008-04-25 (4) kpeezy from loveville says "this game is str8"

2008-04-23 (2) SEXY MAMA from ryans house says "i dont like this game."

2008-04-17 (4) The BEST Player from Midnight Fantasy Land says "Its abosolutely AWESOME!!!"

2008-04-16 (3) under cover girl from U K says "the game was oka but i dint really understand the rules properly"

2008-04-06 (5) Bobette (no, thats not my real from the left arm of the milky way says "ZOMFG!!!!!!!111 this game pwns. I <3 it. this is awesome! plus this website kicks a** tooooooo!!!!!!111 bobette"

2008-04-05 (5) Anonymous from fraNCE says "YESSSS"

2008-04-05 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "awesome"

2008-03-27 (5) Andy from Wildsnakes says "This is just awesome to hear from you Lisa!!! Good luck with your studies! We would be just happy to see your game creations one day."

2008-03-27 (5) LisaInPa from CoatesvillePaUSA says "Andy, Hi! It is the female from Pennsylvania in the USA (LisaInPa)that wrote to you about becoming a game developer on the Wild Snake Forum and whom you so kindly advised. I loved this game every bit as much as the first Blocky. By the way I am now going to a large well known University for game development and have some games in the "work in progress" stage. Keep Up The GREAT work :-0)"

2008-03-27 (3) babica from slovenija says "Fun."

2008-03-27 (3) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Very addictive!"

2008-03-26 (1) southyork from Turkey says ""horrible and boring""

2008-03-26 (5) sure thing. from my house. says "i love this game, its so addicting :]"

2008-03-26 (1) Anonymous from boring class says "Yawn..."

2008-03-26 (2) Anonymous from Somewhere says "I'd prefer to not play this game"

2008-03-24 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "huh"

2008-03-24 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-24 (1) mike from u.s. says "just boring."

2008-03-23 (1) DickHead from Marlboro says "Boring Game... I hate those faces"

2008-03-23 (5) Loaf from USA says "Well theres just not enough time at the higher levels to complete the puzzle. Actually very annoying game! better luck next time."

2008-03-22 (3) team vagine from US says "... this is addictive....maybe not quite fun.... but addictive."

2008-03-22 (5) BoggyWoggy from USA says "I like it...nice and cute sounds"

2008-03-22 (2) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Boring and stupid"

2008-03-22 (3) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Meh."

2008-03-22 (1) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Bah."

2008-03-22 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "I love this game!"

2008-03-21 (5) Cassie-n-Maia's-Mum from The Northern Hemisphere says "This was fun. But the little scowling guys with the shifty eyes kinda freak me out."

2008-03-20 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-20 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-16 (4) BlackBear23 from USA says "Addicting! I hate when I have 1 face left on a level....errr...."

2008-03-14 (5) loveyouandloveme from Christmas Island says "Cool!"


2008-03-14 (5) Anonymous from Deez Nutz says "I won! Now What?"

2008-03-13 (5) Dan from UK says "Great game, very addictive - easy once you get the hang of it"

2008-03-13 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "addicted"

2008-03-13 (2) none from USA says "lame"

2008-03-13 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-12 (3) nana from usa says "not bad."

2008-03-12 (5) turbotard from lake flacid says "I do not understand what this game is trying to make me do."

2008-03-10 (1) Anonymous from somewhere says "horrible and boring"

2008-03-10 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-10 (3) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Very annoying, but decent"

2008-03-10 (5) racer from usa says "this was annoyingly fun, one of those that i couldn't pass but i didn't want to quit either.."

2008-03-10 (2) Soph from U.S. says "Meh, It was okay."

2008-03-10 (3) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Fun."

2008-03-09 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-09 (1) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Bah."

2008-03-09 (5) The One from belgium says "very nice game thanksLove all your online games :) please add some more online game for us thanks"

2008-03-08 (5) didy from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-08 (3) aydri.! ily from OUt Of dHA NOWhERE says "itSx OkAYy.!"

2008-03-06 (5) Ant59 from England says "Cool!"

2008-03-06 (2) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Sounds are annoying."

2008-03-05 (5) legend from kazakistan says "my name is Borat"

2008-03-02 (3) arse from italy says "um i'm no like dis"

2008-03-02 (1) Bah from UK says "what a load of rubbish"

2008-03-01 (2) retarded monkey from your mum says "this game is 4 ya mum"

2008-03-01 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-03-01 (5) Kirby from Canada says "My dream, is to fly, over the rainbow, so high!"

2008-03-01 (5) lucia helena from Brasil says "Cool!"

2008-03-01 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-29 (3) kya from brazil says "legalzinho"

2008-02-29 (1) Tree from Treeland says "enough with the block-based puzzle games."

2008-02-29 (2) Giff from Ireland says "It's meh"

2008-02-28 (2) matt from usa says "game cheats :/"

2008-02-28 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-28 (3) adam from uk says "needs a pause button"

2008-02-28 (5) Anonymous from Brazil says "Maybe in a future version, a "save" feature"

2008-02-28 (4) Jord from Brazil says "Cool and cool!"

2008-02-28 (3) Dan_ka from Brasil says "i'ts thats it!!!"

2008-02-27 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-27 (5) liane from belgium says "Hello,But i'll be better if you let us 2minutesplayer time.Thank you."

2008-02-27 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-26 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Great !!! better than 1 - Perfect !"

2008-02-26 (4) Anonymous from Somewhere says "I like the new boards, but I wish there was a progress meter."

2008-02-25 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-24 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-24 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-24 (5) Coppy from Sweden says "WASP!?!?!"

2008-02-24 (5) pinia83 from poland says "Cool!"

2008-02-24 (5) LadyLoss from US says "It's challenging on a whole new level."

2008-02-24 (1) your mother from your ass says "I was blocked ... how am I supposed to make this level ?"

2008-02-23 (2) polkadotSHORTS from Canada says "its not the best. Seen and played way better."

2008-02-23 (2) Anonymous from uk says "cant even pass ist level rubbish game"

2008-02-23 (3) KinhDom from belgium says "emeline, c'est de l'anglais ;)"

2008-02-22 (5) emeliine from belgique says "hey cey cool mais je comprend pas vos comm' x'D"

2008-02-22 (3) ff from us says "I like this game but I do NOT like that it gives you hints if you don't want them. It would be better if there were an option to turn this off."

2008-02-22 (3) lala from poland says "Fun."

2008-02-19 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-13 (5) stefan from sweden says "I really like this new version of Blocky."

2008-02-12 (5) ??????? from 123 says "Cool!"

2008-02-12 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2008-02-12 (5) K1111 from Somewhere says "Cool!"