Chap Hai - Way of the Dragon has been played 226849 times.

2013-09-11 (3) Great Master from Australia says "Runeneo I've just returned from overseas. You are a bullshit artist, but I must confess you made me laugh."

2013-09-06 (5) Runeneo from the Interwebs says "There, I gave you your rightful place in the top 3, Great Master! I hope that you're pleased."

2013-09-05 (5) Runeneo from the Interwebs says "Hey there Great Master. That's not very nice, calling me a cheating imposter! Everybody has their own way of playing games ;)"

2012-08-24 (4) chrisdesalle from US of A says "Well, I had to come back and beat you! 753310 will stand forever."

2012-08-18 (4) Great Master from Oz says "A new WORLD RECORD 737050 for Great Master."

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Australia says "A new world record 734550. Someone has beaten my score. Who could it be??? It's OK it's ME. Great Master strikes again."

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Oz says "A new top score 733750. He's on fire. YOU KNOW WHO."

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Oz says "I was so excited I forgot to mention the new champions score 727150. Unbeatable"

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Oz says "THE ONE AND THE ONLY Great Master strikes again. The legitimate CHAMPION OF THE GAME. No-one on the planet can beat this Great One. GET RID OF THE CHEATING IMPOSTER runeneo."

2012-01-23 (5) Great Master from Oz says "Well Done CHRISDESALLE. I didn't think anyone could ever legitimately beat my 703240. It's a pity your name isn't showing in the Number 1 position."

2012-01-23 (5) chrisdesalle from US of A says "716730!!! The new king has arisen!!!"

2012-01-06 (1) Great Master from OZ says "When are you going to remove "THE CHEAT" RUNENEO from all the top positions. You have to give all genuine players a chance of being No.1. PLEASE ACT SOON."

2011-11-29 (5) Chris DeSalle from US OF A says "so close! hit 69567 today"

2011-11-23 (4) Great Master from Oz says "Hail the new (legitimate) number 1. World Champion, Great Master from the land Downunder. Score 703240, the name says it all."

2011-11-14 (4) Great Masster from Oz says "Hi Can you please remove runeneo from each of the top 3 high score positions. These program manipulators spoil this great game for the genuine players. Thanks in advance. GM"

2011-02-21 (5) 3abire sabile from ???????????? says "des jeux tres formidable"

2011-01-19 (3) destiny hagan from lawrenceburg says "well, i thought that it was fun but it is hard i can never beat it"

2010-11-25 (5) Jordy from Frankfort says "Jordan Kylee Hanna Chelsi Lillie Wendi Wanda Darrel Brandon"

2010-02-02 (4) Great Master from Oz says "Well Done Sokmunky what a great score,643,000. We might have a new champion in the offing. I've passed 600,000 a few times but nowhere near that score."

2009-11-15 (5) Anonymous from USA says "It's extremely fun and great to play during programming class. =D"

2009-11-06 (1) Fatihah from Malaysia says "Boring game!Chap Hai Snake Bites is Better!"

2009-06-19 (5) dambo from england says "bangin, i love ice."

2009-03-12 (3) built from america says "Fun."

2009-02-03 (4) Ser 13 from bloop says "its realy fun but im stuck. =/"

2009-01-27 (5) laloo from romania says "this is the greatest :D loving it.. :D:D:X..i almost finish it once :)) :D"

2008-12-25 (5) GREM from IRAQ says "hey MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!"

2008-12-18 (2) ruby from america says "hey people"

2008-12-16 (3) PIE from PIEVILLE says "THIS GAME HATES ME!!!"

2008-12-12 (5) zeiz from the forest says "awsome!"

2008-11-11 (5) fin ty from SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! says "THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTIVE AND FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!"

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