2013-09-11 (3) Great Master from Australia says "Runeneo I've just returned from overseas. You are a bullshit artist, but I must confess you made me laugh."

2013-09-06 (5) Runeneo from the Interwebs says "There, I gave you your rightful place in the top 3, Great Master! I hope that you're pleased."

2013-09-05 (5) Runeneo from the Interwebs says "Hey there Great Master. That's not very nice, calling me a cheating imposter! Everybody has their own way of playing games ;)"

2012-08-24 (4) chrisdesalle from US of A says "Well, I had to come back and beat you! 753310 will stand forever."

2012-08-18 (4) Great Master from Oz says "A new WORLD RECORD 737050 for Great Master."

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Australia says "A new world record 734550. Someone has beaten my score. Who could it be??? It's OK it's ME. Great Master strikes again."

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Oz says "A new top score 733750. He's on fire. YOU KNOW WHO."

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Oz says "I was so excited I forgot to mention the new champions score 727150. Unbeatable"

2012-08-16 (4) Great Master from Oz says "THE ONE AND THE ONLY Great Master strikes again. The legitimate CHAMPION OF THE GAME. No-one on the planet can beat this Great One. GET RID OF THE CHEATING IMPOSTER runeneo."

2012-01-23 (5) Great Master from Oz says "Well Done CHRISDESALLE. I didn't think anyone could ever legitimately beat my 703240. It's a pity your name isn't showing in the Number 1 position."

2012-01-23 (5) chrisdesalle from US of A says "716730!!! The new king has arisen!!!"

2012-01-06 (1) Great Master from OZ says "When are you going to remove "THE CHEAT" RUNENEO from all the top positions. You have to give all genuine players a chance of being No.1. PLEASE ACT SOON."

2011-11-29 (5) Chris DeSalle from US OF A says "so close! hit 69567 today"

2011-11-23 (4) Great Master from Oz says "Hail the new (legitimate) number 1. World Champion, Great Master from the land Downunder. Score 703240, the name says it all."

2011-11-14 (4) Great Masster from Oz says "Hi Can you please remove runeneo from each of the top 3 high score positions. These program manipulators spoil this great game for the genuine players. Thanks in advance. GM"

2011-02-21 (5) 3abire sabile from ???????????? says "des jeux tres formidable"

2011-01-19 (3) destiny hagan from lawrenceburg says "well, i thought that it was fun but it is hard i can never beat it"

2010-11-25 (5) Jordy from Frankfort says "Jordan Kylee Hanna Chelsi Lillie Wendi Wanda Darrel Brandon"

2010-02-02 (4) Great Master from Oz says "Well Done Sokmunky what a great score,643,000. We might have a new champion in the offing. I've passed 600,000 a few times but nowhere near that score."

2009-11-15 (5) Anonymous from USA says "It's extremely fun and great to play during programming class. =D"

2009-11-06 (1) Fatihah from Malaysia says "Boring game!Chap Hai Snake Bites is Better!"

2009-06-19 (5) dambo from england says "bangin, i love ice."

2009-03-12 (3) built from america says "Fun."

2009-02-03 (4) Ser 13 from bloop says "its realy fun but im stuck. =/"

2009-01-27 (5) laloo from romania says "this is the greatest :D loving it.. :D:D:X..i almost finish it once :)) :D"

2008-12-25 (5) GREM from IRAQ says "hey MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!"

2008-12-18 (2) ruby from america says "hey people"

2008-12-16 (3) PIE from PIEVILLE says "THIS GAME HATES ME!!!"

2008-12-12 (5) zeiz from the forest says "awsome!"

2008-11-11 (5) fin ty from SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! says "THIS GAME IS SO ADDICTIVE AND FLIPPING AWESOME!!!!"

2008-10-28 (5) sirrah from usa says "yeah special thanks to the creator :)"

2008-10-27 (5) casualpac from Portugal says "This one is a little hard to beat! Thank you to the creator of this fantastic game!"

2008-10-20 (5) sirrah from usa says "thanks casulpac i'll try to concentrate harder. if you concentrate then you can make it through the levels easier. i already completed the next!"

2008-10-15 (5) casualpac from Portugal says "No cheating at all. Just concentration. Better finish a level with the last move than lose a life to get more points."

2008-10-14 (5) sirrah from stupid says "this is hard how are you guys getting such high scores you have to be cheating"

2008-10-14 (5) Great Master from Oz says "Congratulations to Casualpac for getting into the Top 3. How the hell did you do it??"

2008-10-13 (5) casualpac from Portuagl says "What a fight!"

2008-10-13 (5) casualpac from Portugal says "Where are the 140 points? I almost did it!"

2008-10-12 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "I can't match those scores! And I agree about wiping out the cheaters score! Keep up the great work."

2008-10-10 (5) casualpac from Portugal says "Thank you Pirate! This game is amazing! It would be cool that TheCheater "record" could be erased from the scores."

2008-10-10 (4) Great Master from Down Under says "Hi Pirate I agree awesome scores, only 1000 points from the top three. I thought it was you?????"

2008-10-07 (4) Pirate from USA says "Amazing scores casualpac!! Well done!"

2008-09-07 (5) Pirate from Mine says "Thanks Master! I looked up and all of a sudden I was at 600!!"

2008-09-02 (4) Great Master from Oz says "Congratulations to Pirate. I noticed he joined the "exclusive' 600,000 club the other day. Well Done"

2008-08-28 (5) Stingray from Scoatylund says "Wooo Wooo Wooo Wooo! This game is just sooo amazing! I want to play with it all day!"

2008-08-28 (5) Goordoff from EE aye Oh says "I am so good at the game, nay I'm at least twice as good as those chaps Stingray and Monkish. If not better. Nice."

2008-08-26 (5) Goordoof from Whitleyburn says "This is soooo cool. I just have to tell my friends. Absolutely soooooopppper"

2008-08-14 (3) Monkfish from The Syth says "Wow...Super ball action...really awesome."

2008-08-12 (5) Kepa from Sweden says "finally, I'm done. great game."

2008-08-12 (4) Monkfish from The Syth says "I just love playing with this"

2008-08-07 (5) Stingray from Scoatyland says "This game is just super!!"

2008-08-07 (5) MONTY from D says "nice play"

2008-06-29 (5) deepika from gangtok says "hey u all have cool games . i lpved it not only me my frens family n parents also loved ut"

2008-06-23 (3) poofacegrl from mumland says "im 1,000,000 years old and i finished it! not. :)"

2008-06-10 (4) olly from england says "Amazing... well atleast its addicting lol gd game"

2008-05-13 (4) wonkey mouse from Scotland says "This game is class!.. addictive"

2008-05-12 (3) Anonymous from Somewhere says "i am awesome"

2008-03-31 (5) Frch from Slovenia says "Everything is possible!!!"

2008-02-24 (4) Great Master from Australia says "Hi b.a.g.s.How long is your nose???? LOL"

2008-02-21 (5) b.a.g.s. from Spain says "IM 83 MATE JUST SMASHED IT IN ABOUT 35 MINS FROM START TO FINISH....HELL YEAAHHHH LOL"

2008-02-21 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "not played it for a while, so started it all from the start and completed it. bring it!"

2008-02-19 (5) hakan from Somewhere says "yeaaahhhhhhh"

2008-01-11 (5) Andy from WildSnakes says "Nice job, Great Master!I'm not sure about the age of another Champions but you are awesome with your result anyway... Cheers!!"

2008-01-10 (4) Great Master from Australia says "Just finished level 12 AGAIN. I'm 62. Is there anyone out there, who has mastered all levels, older than me?"

2008-01-09 (4) Great Master from Australia says "I've just finished 12.7, I went to get a screenshot to prove it to my Grandson and I lost the page before I could register. HELP."

2007-12-27 (3) Zalam from uk says "Well the game is good but you need alot of patience for you to complete it."

2007-12-20 (4) LadyLoss from the land of OZ says "It's like chap hai except with a vengeance!"

2007-12-18 (5) Dave T from UK says "Get back to work"

2007-12-17 (1) John H from UK says "I cheated, level 11 was too hard"

2007-12-13 (5) Dan A from UK says "I have had to take the day off today cause i was playing this all night and really hurt my brain! I have such a bad headache but cant stop playing!"

2007-12-13 (5) Checky from UK says "Nice to know the whole office is doing some work ;)"

2007-12-12 (5) Dan A from UK says "This is sooo good, I've done nothing all day!!!"

2007-12-11 (5) Dave Addy from UK says "What would he know, he's a liverpool fan! ;p"

2007-12-11 (5) Phil Smith from UK says "This game is absolutly fan-dabby-dosey!!"

2007-11-27 (5) b.a.g.s. from spain says "god you get some geeks....the physics? S... <I ask everyone to be polite in your comments. Thanks! - Andy-WildSnake>"

2007-11-26 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2007-11-23 (3) gilly from england says "im stuck on 11.5 lol"

2007-11-22 (4) fred from canada says "Now that took a good eye!"

2007-11-19 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "how do you get past 11.1?!?!?!"

2007-11-19 (5) gilly from england says "very annoying but very adictive"

2007-11-19 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "11.3 is stupid. And 11.2 wasn't easy!!"

2007-11-17 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2007-11-12 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "level 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 impossible to do"

2007-11-06 (4) twat from yemen says "it was kin awesome"

2007-11-05 (3) Play for FUN from UK says "Physics could have been better?!?!Get a life - it's a game!!"

2007-10-29 (1) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Bah."

2007-10-28 (5) Anonymous from Somewhere says "Cool!"

2007-10-28 (5) Beryl from Berylium says "12.4 12.5 and 12.6 too hard. over 1000 attempts.. ruined a good game"

2007-10-27 (1) Anonymous from Somewhere says "STUPID"

2007-10-26 (3) Anonymous from Somewhere says "its ok! physics could be better! 6 out of 10"

2007-10-26 (1) Crap from Crapistan says "RIGHT THE BALL PHYSICS ARE TERRIBLE.....it bounces of on obstacle faster than it goes onto it ffs....gay game"

2007-10-26 (4) harry from Malta says "Great game but needs to be slightly bigger board and requires more room outside board to use mouse"

2007-10-26 (1) mee from canada says "yes i thought it was borin 2"

2007-10-24 (4) Adi from Romania says "extend the play area"

2007-10-23 (3) Bob from USA says "Make more room on border to pull mouse! Great game, thanks."

2007-10-23 (5) Phil from USA says "Make the play area bigger now!"

2007-10-23 (5) cs from India says "Cool!"

2007-10-23 (3) BIZZY from FT WAYNE IN USA says "I love japan's style"

2007-10-21 (5) Sly Stu from UK says "Cool little game!"

2007-10-20 (3) themorgyn from Dogville says "Woof!"

2007-10-19 (5) wes from usa says "we like it."

2007-10-18 (5) Zeke from USA says "Excellent Game!"

2007-10-11 (5) pearl from turkey says "Cool!"