heXLines has been played 343080 times.

2014-03-10 (5) frankiechong from Spore says "Great Game, Very Challenging."

2011-12-21 (4) Anonymous from Somewhere says "hi people"

2011-06-13 (5) Tortuga from Romania says "i like this game, is very cool!"

2011-06-13 (5) Tortuga from Romania says "i like this game, is very cool!"

2011-04-05 (4) Liki from serbia says "nice"

2011-03-29 (3) tuck from thailand says "i like to play this game"

2010-06-16 (3) Anonymous from London says "Addictive game, can't leave it alone but still useless at it"

2010-05-07 (3) willow tree from erm*crickets chirping* says "it was fun but it got frustrating 4 a bit"

2010-04-02 (5) Nunook from USA says "I fall asleep playing this all the time."

2009-10-11 (5) nikia from usa says "this game is so funnmand anyone that think other wise is so stupid kinda don't think like u"

2009-09-24 (1) were from england says "these games are so stupid who polays on these??????????"

2009-09-17 (5) california from usa says "aswome chiz"

2009-08-08 (5) midnite from australia says "Cool!"

2009-06-19 (3) haley from us says "coolio!"

2009-05-22 (5) cubic from usa says "i like it its a fun game to play"

2009-04-17 (5) stefan from sweden says "one of the best game ever"

2009-04-14 (5) lenny from lenny says "fyhllldgjosh[mp'rt;"

2009-04-13 (5) oompaloompalover from Oompaloompalania says "I'm 11 and i got a rank of 986 and I'm in 6th grade so you don't need a PHD miss/mister Pegleg. It is not stupid!!!!"

2009-04-01 (1) bon from england says "this is so stupid"

2009-04-01 (3) Douche Bag from Yugoslavia says "Fun."

2009-03-25 (5) Pegleg Johnson from Pleasantville says "Too complicated and taxing. One must posess a PHD in physics to understand this game."

2009-03-23 (5) Rybachka from Russia says "Very nice game!"

2009-03-23 (5) Rybachka from Russia says "Очень симпатично!"